Hotel Safes

Hotel Safes

If you have stayed in a few hotels in your time, the chances are you may have found a safe or two in a few of them. Having a safe in your hotel room is a great benefit, because it gives you the ability to have a secure place to keep your valuables during your stay.

The good news for hotel owners is that safes are available in a wide number of sizes and options. That means if you own or run a hotel, there is almost certainly an affordable and high-quality safe on the market today that would appeal to your guests.

Why provide safes in hotel rooms?

Security is the number one reason. When we’re staying at home, we have access to whatever security measures we have in place. That might mean a wall safe or a floor safe, or perhaps just a small compact safe that can be hidden in a variety of places.

It may not be practical or even possible for clients to bring a safe with them when staying at a hotel. Therefore, if you can offer them free use of a room safe during their stay, that might just make your hotel the better choice above and beyond other hotels in the area.

It also shows you place great importance on security issues. You can ensure your guests have a safe place to leave their valuables while they are not in their rooms. Furthermore, it’s safer for staff, because if something goes missing, there is no way they could have accessed a safe to get at what is inside, making them feel more secure as well.

The different safe options available

It’s good to know you have a wide variety of safes to choose from when you decide to install them in each room in your hotel. The type you choose may depend on a number of factors – not least the type of clientele your hotel tends to attract.

For example, if you run a hotel that has a large business clientele, you would do well to consider the laptop safes that are available. ‎It provides ample room for a laptop and its lead and accessories, not to mention passports, cash and assorted other small valuables.

Compact hotel safes

If you have a number of small hotel rooms on offer, the size of the safe you offer in each one will be important. You might also see the practicality of opting for a safe that has a programmable PIN to use with it. The last thing you need is lots of sets of keys to look after, as these could easily get lost.

The 4-digit PIN code can be programmed by each guest, providing total security as no one else needs to know the number. Every time the door is opened, the code automatically resets. This means the guest can take out their belongings when they leave, and the safe will be left open ready for the next guest to set their PIN code.

Once solidly-bolted to the floor or wall, it is ready for the guest to use.

Your guests can enjoy complete peace of mind while using it.