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Product Features

Forget the old UV detection lamps!


We are offering the latest Euro detecting machine which will perform the most effective checks by checking for the hidden security features which do not show up by most other methods.


The Magnetic DNA examination has replaced less secure methods of the past and is now the most secure and guaranteed method of identity. The security metallic thread inserted in paper currency is the DNA of the Banknotes. The ‘genetic’ code of the banknotes is built up in the permanent cripted magnetic data written on the security metallic thread. This is a safety measure which is very difficult to counterfeit as it comes from an exclusive and protected technology.


Don’t be satisfied with just the visible security features. A greater, safer and much more accurate method comes from checking for the most hidden protections and features.

With PhotoEuro4 you can immediately check the hidden security features.


PhotoEuro4 is the only motorized and portable note checker, which is able to check the presence of the original security thread of all Euro banknotes, recognizes the magnetic data imprinted in it, displays the value of the note and indicates the result with a beep and a green/red light in a few seconds.

With PhotoEuro4 it is also possible to make the sum of the checked notes and to know the partial amount of each denomination.




PhotoEuro4 is automatically switched on when the bank note is inserted in whatever of the four sides, it slides it and starts the automatic scanning, it verifies the presence of the security thread obtaining the permanent cripted codes and it compares them with the sample ones.


If the data are correct it shows on the display the nominal value it found, it switches on the green LED and it sounds a beep.


If they are not, it requests a repeat verification, signalling by way of a red LED the unsuccessful identification.


PhotoEuro4 does not only assist and protect you for the whole day, but it makes the cash balancing operations much faster and safer, by adding the value of the inserted bank notes and the total number for any denominations from 5 to 500 Euros.


PhotoEuro4 makes visible the data (Luminescent images invisible to the naked eye) of the most important credit cards, identity documents and driving licenses, which react to the UV light.


The UV key switches on a LED which emits UV rays, for 30 seconds. It makes any symbol, trademark and drawing present on the credit cards and on some card-size identity documents, visible.


There are currently over 45,000 PhotoEuro units working throughout Europe.  They are used in Banks, Shops and most anywhere cash is tendered.

product description

Technical Features:

    • Accepted currency: Euro
    • Checks: coding of security thread, dimension, chrome
    • Type of sensor: magnetic, encoder, UV Led
    • Loading: manual, single banknote
    • Transport: motorized 0.4 m/s
    • Internal power supply: batteries 8.4 Volt Ni-Mh (rechargeable)
    • Duration of batteries: 500 complete loading and unloading cycles
    • Absorbed power: lower than 10 Watt
    • External power supply: transformer 220 V 50 Hz /12 V DC, with cables
    • Operating temperature: 0-50 C
    • Dimensions: LxHxW 155 x 115 x 75 mm, in single carton LxHxW 300x200x100 mm
    • Weight: 300 g, without feeder


  • Power supply: through transformer (supplied) or portable using internal batteries (rechargeable).
  • Automatic carrying of the banknote to the transport slide.
  • Banknote insertion is using the longer edge, in one of four possible positions.
  • Display of the value checked, or ‘repeat’.
  • Sound signal to confirm the identification.
  • Warning of exhausted battery.
  • Sum key attivation
  • Partial key attivation
  • UV light key attivation
  • Connection to PC (Serial port)