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High Security Additional Bolt Locks 2025


Product Features

High Security Additional Bolt Lock 2025 SECURMAP11 4 pistons Ø12/CR/E.40/2 throws/3 keys 0CV3/L.75xH.95xS.17 mm

Category: 20. Mortise locks
Series: Double bit locks SECURMAP11
Model: 2025 E.40 4 pistons SECURMAP11
Packaging : 1. Single box packaging
Hand : U. Single hand ambidextrous
Finish : CR Chrome
Key backset : E. 40 mm
Width Front : 25 mm
Key insertion : Internal and external
Key type : Art. 0CV3 SECURMAP11 double-bitted key with controlled duplication
Number of keys : 3 with ID with protected duplication

Patented SECURMAP11 key with controlled duplication. Always request the card and an original key to check any duplication. EQUIPMENT SUPPLIED: 1 CP2020XCR counterplate and an internal and external plate kit 4921KF1


2 years international.