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burlglary safes ECB-S2

Product Features

• Designed to store and protect documents in case of fire.
• Double wall construction, the gap between the inner and outer walls is filled with heat  insulating material which protects the contents from fire.
• Thickness of door – 60mm.
• Door opening angle up to 180 degrees due to external hinges.
• Three point locking mechanism, 5 bolts 20mm in diameter.

• Digital Electronic Time Delay Lock Class A
• Standard delivery with double-bit high security key lock with two keys + handle.
• Color: RAL 7035 (light grey)

product description

External Dimensions:
(H) 1950 x (W) 930 x (D) 520 mm
Internal Dimensions:
(H) 1810 x (W) 814 x (D) 415 mm
Weight: 142 Kg, Capacity: 615 L
Accessories (inside body): 4 Shelfs

Door: 60 mm

Door Swing: 550 / 50 mm
Open/close: Electronic Time Delay Lock or Key Lock


2 years international.


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