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Grade 1 Fireproof & Burglary Safes fireproof safe LFS 60 P

Product Features

Diplomat MTD safe at a glance

    • Safe with Burglary Resistance Grade I according to EN 1143-1
    • Certified fire protection LFS 60P according to EN 15659. Guarantees at least 60 minutes’ fire protection for paper
    • Triple-walled body, wall with reinforced special fire protection insulation
    • BURG-WÄCHTER special thermal insulation in the body and door with FPC (Fire Protection Concrete) construction
    • Inset door, four-walled; inset concealed special door hinges ensure an attractive appearance!
    • Sealing of the door gap by special sealing material that swells
    • Extensive reinforcement in front of the latch mechanism and locking bolt
    • Four-sided locking through strong round bolts
    • Storage of handguns and ammunition permitted under German weapons law
    • Special rear wall construction with additional reinforcement
    • Connection to alarm system or alarm messaging system possible
    • Optimum use of interior space due to slim cabinet construction
    • Prepared at the factory for wall and floor anchoring, installation hardware is supplied
    • Binder depth; adjustable shelf (MTD 740 and 750 with one shelf, MTD 760 and 780 with two shelves)
    • Painted in silver-metallic, special paintwork on request
    • Two non-resettable emergency-locking systems for added safety

Model E FP (Electronic Lock with Fingerprint module)

  • ECB•S-certified (Class B)
  • Fake fingerprint detection
  • Up to 10 six-digit user codes
  • Up to 20 fingerprints
  • Modern electronics with graphic display and illuminated touch control panel
  • Slanted display for optimal operability
  • Additional security: Individually adjustable opening time delay (max. 99 min)
  • Software updates via SD card
  • Locking history viewable
  • Menu navigation in 12 languages
  • Easy battery replacement; batteries included with the delivery

Diplomat MTD safe for demanding applications

Protection against theft combined with protection against fire and heat. The BURG-WÄCHTER Diplomat series safes provide double security, making them the ideal place for your valuables! This is because the Diplomat safe with resistance grade I is type-tested, monitored by ECB•S/VdS and certified for burglary protection according to EN 1143-1. The models are available with mechanical lock or with electronic lock including fingerprint.

At least one hour of fire protection

In the Diplomat, your documents are protected from fire and heat for at least one hour. This is exactly what the certified fire protection according to EN 15659 guarantees, which is why our developers have designed the wall with reinforced special fire insulation. Furthermore, special heat insulation is installed to ensure that the temperature inside the safe rises only slowly. In addition, the door gaps are sealed with special swelling material.

The Diplomat – For your safety

  • Type-tested security monitored by ECB•S/VdS
  • Resistance grade I
  • Certified burglary protection according to EN 1143-1
  • Certified fire protection according to EN 15659 (2009 version),
  • Fire resistance LFS 60 P: 60 minutes’ fire protection for paper

Diplomat safe: Highest quality with resistance grade I

Extreme protection thanks to the complete safety package

The Diplomat safe owes its enormous resistance to a three-wall body. The safe door also adds security with its four-walled construction. For this purpose, the door hinges are inset, which further increases protection against the safe being broken open. The same applies to the four-sided locking with extra-strong round bolts. Special reinforcement (supporting material in the walls) protects crossbar-like bolts. A further plus is the emergency locking system with two non-resettable, independent systems. All components result in a complete security package that makes a forced opening much more difficult! To install the fire protection safe securely, it comes prepared for wall- and floor anchoring. Of course we deliver the installation hardware together with the safe.

The safe is also approved as a gun cabinet

Thanks to its slim body, the Diplomat offers plenty of space inside. One or two adjustable shelves, depending on the model, ensure that valuable items are properly organised. The MTD 740 and MTD 750 are delivered with one shelf, the MTD 760 and MTD 780 with two shelves. Even after the tightening up of the German Weapons Act (§36) in July 2017, you can store an unlimited number of handguns and ammunition in the Diplomat. In addition to its “inner advantages”, the safe scores points with a classic, elegant silver-metallic paint finish. Special coatings are also available on request.

You have a choice of locking systems!

The safe models, which come in four sizes, are available with two locking systems. Of course with the classic key (K models). Or the modern electronic locking system “SecuTronic” (E FP models) for opening by code or fingerprint. The high-security double-bit “SecuSafe” lock offers a convenient something extra. Namely, should you ever lose a key, you can simply order a new set of keys and reset the lock to the new keys. If your old key has been stolen, it can no longer be used to open the safe thanks to the resettable lock!

New electronic “SecuTronic” provides comfort and safety

The modern electronic-safe unit “SecuTronic” TRSE 12 H FP offers well thought-out features for security and convenience. For example, the control screen offers a sloped touch control panel with graphic display. Instead of tediously looking for the “On” button, all you have to do is swipe the control panel. This immediately activates it and illuminates it in two colours. Furthermore, the sloped control panel guarantees optimal viewing even from above. You can, of course, freely select the opening code. One admin code and nine user codes are available. You can also view the opening history directly on the display.

Opening time delay, lock-out time, connection to alarm system

The “SecuTronic” TRSE 12 H FP electronic lock has an opening delay (max. 99 minutes). This means: After the correct code is entered, the programmed time must elapse before the safe can be opened. Once three incorrect codes have been entered, a lock-out time is activated. This means that burglars have no chance to try lots of combinations. In addition, Diplomat safes can be connected to an alarm system or alarm message system. All these details give you even more security!

product description

External Dimensions: (H) 470 × (W) 500 × (D) 462 mm
Internal Dimensions: (H) 345 × (W) 372 × (D) 300 mm

Door Dimensions: (H) 345 × (W) 337 mm
Weight: 104 kg
Capacity: 38.5 Litre
Shelf: 1 pc
Door: 104 mm   –   Body: 65 mm
Open/close: Electronic Time Delay Lock & Fingerprint Lock


2 years international.