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burlglary safes ECB-S2 fireproof safe LFS 30 P

Product Features

Combi-Line offer:

  • Type-tested security monitored by ECB-S / VdS
  • Fire resistance LFS 30P according to EN 15659
  • Fire protection material according to DIN 4102
  • Composite insulation in front of the door leaf as thermal protection for lock and bolt work
  • Security level S2 according to DIN EN 14450
  • Security level B according to VDMA 24992, status May 1995
  • Double-walled construction
  • Internal hinge
  • Lateral locking by 25 mm thick round bolts plus sliding bolt on top
  • Back gripping rail on the hinge side
  • Anchoring possibility in the rear wall and in the floor, two rear wall and two floor holes diagonally arranged; the fixing material is included
  • With one adjustable shelf as standard
  • Colour: Black

Electronic Lock

  • Electronic combination locks “SecuTronic” TRSE 12 H
  • Tilted touch control panel with graphic display for optimum top view
  • 1 million real code variations
  • One six-digit admin and one user code, freely selectable and changeable at any time
  • VdS tested (lock class B/ EN 1300)
  • Menu navigation in twelve languages
  • Readout of the opening history possible
  • Batteries included: 4x Mignon LR 06 AA •Easy battery change

Combi-Line safety cabinet with certified fire protection

The BURG-WÄCHTER security cabinets from the Combi-Line series not only guarantee optimum security against burglars, but are also tested and certified for fire protection. Therefore the Combi-Line is ideal for the storage of valuables, important documents and treasured items.

Robust anchoring stops burglars

If burglars get hold of a safe, most of them do not open it on the spot but take it with them. A robust anchorage protects against theft. For the Combi-Line series, this is provided by the factory. Of course, the required fixing material is included in the delivery. The safe can be fixed to the wall, floor or a piece of furniture with two diagonally arranged drill holes in the rear wall and on the floor.

Massive locks prevent forced opening

Anyone who wants to open a Combi-Line safe by force will encounter massive resistance. The double-walled body, the side locking with 25 mm thick round bolts and a sliding bolt prevent the safe from being broken open. A further plus point in terms of security: the internal hinge. This means that the Combi-Line offers only a minimal surface to attack if an attempt is made to break it open.

New safe electronics offer even more convenience

Opening the Combi-Line safes, with electronic code. The new “SecuTronic” TRSE 12 H safe electronics, introduced in 2020, scores points with well thought-out features in terms of security and convenience. After all, the operation is simple and innovative. Naturally, the electronics are state-of-the-art. For example, the control panel offers a tilted touch control panel with graphic display. Instead of tediously looking for the “On” button, you only have to swipe across the control panel for a short time and it is activated. Furthermore, the tilted control panel offers an optimal view even from above. Of course, you are free to choose the opening code. There is a freely selectable administrator and user code available to you. Once three incorrect codes have been entered, a blocking time is activated, so burglars have no chance of trying out many combinations. By the way, you can read out the opening history very easily via the graphic display.

Certified fire protection

Regardless of size or locking system: all Combi-Line safes are equipped with certified fire protection (fire resistance LFS 30P according to DIN 15659). This means that in case of fire, papers are protected inside for at least 30 minutes. A fire protection material according to DIN 4102 and a special composite insulation in front of the door leaf serve as thermal insulation. This protects the lock and bolt mechanism from excessive heat.

Safety cabinet convinces experts from “Stiftung Wartentest”

The convincing overall package of convenience and security makes the Combi-Line safe the right choice for private households and small businesses alike. In the end, the safe (the previous model Combi-Line CL 20 E was tested) convinced even the critical experts of “Stiftung Warentest”. The Combi-Line was  the winner in the safe test (November 2017 edition) published in the magazine “test”. Particularly pleasing: top scores were awarded for break-in protection (1.0) and anti-theft protection (1.1).

Thanks to security level B, the Combi-Line safe series offers insurance protection of up to 20,000 euros (private) and 2,500 euros (commercial). Please note: Coordination with the respective insurer is necessary due to the different insurance conditions.

Do not give burglars and fire a chance! Secure your valuables and treasured items in a Combi-Line safe from BURG-WÄCHTER because the safety cabinet combines theft, break-in and fire protection.

product description

External Dimensions: (H) 320 × (W) 435 × (D) 380 mm
Internal Dimensions: (H) 205 × (W) 320 × (D) 232 mm

Door Dimensions: (H) 205 × (W) 265 mm
Weight: 44 kg
Capacity: 15 Litre
Shelf: 1 pc
Door: 77 mm   –   Body: 55 mm
Open/close: Electronic Time Delay Lock


2 years international.