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Electronic Door Lock TLV1.0

Product Features

Smart Door Lock

Battery-powered smart lock mounted on the inside of your existing door lock.

Charge as little as every 14 months when used smart lock up to 8 times per day.

Locks and unlocks your door with a button or click on the app.

Connects to  bridge for remote features and integration with smart home systems.

Use the keypad to open doors with digital keys – without a smartphone.

Requires a dedicated cylinder or adapter for your lock type.

Smart Door Lock provides a keyless entry

product description

Model: TLV1.0
Weight: 196 g
Dimensions: Ø 45 mm x 55 mm
Operating temperature: 10-40°C (indoor only)
Operating humidity: max. 65%
Power supply: 3000 mAh LiPo battery
Battery life: Up to 14 months on a single charge, with up to 8 uses per day
Power source: Micro USB. Box includes a dedicated cable with a magnetic plug.
Security: TLS 1.3


2 years international.