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Electronic Door Lock – SecuENTRY Home 5001

secuENTRY Home: Your new key experience – all without a key!

Quite often your key is not to hand when you need it. But your smartphone almost certainly is. So why not convert it directly into a key? The Smartlock secuENTRY Home from BURG-WÄCHTER does just that. Enjoy your new “freedom from keys” right now! Ideal for all house and apartment doors.

Smartlock secuENTRY Home: simple, secure, convenient

All you need to operate your secuENTRY Home door lock is the secuENTRY KeyApp. The app is free of charge and available for both iOS and Android smartphones. The system provides optimum security and a wide range thanks to the latest Bluetooth technology 5.2 with AES encryption. Simply smart!

Quick installation with no measuring required!

The electronic door cylinder installation is also extremely easy. Ready to use in just a few minutes. Just loosen the forend screw (under the catch and bolt) on the inside of the door and remove the old cylinder. Insert the secuENTRY Home cylinder and adjust it to the correct door thickness. Tighten the forend screw. Now your Smartlock is ready to use! There is no need for a bulky attachment that only serves to turn the key mechanically. A genuine Smartlock!

And another great advantage. The system is in general suitable for all door thicknesses up to 118 m. This means there is no need for time-consuming measuring. The same applies to drilling or pulling cables. Door fittings are also retained.

And for those who don’t want to be dependent on their mobile phone: Optional opening via keypad or radio key

The modern Smartlock also offers additional opening possibilities for those who want to be independent of their mobile phone. Opening by numerical code on the optionally available keypad is available as well as opening by radio key. Data transmission is protected with Bluetooth 5.2 and AES encryption. This gives users the complete freedom of a Smartlock.

The components at a glance:

secuENTRY Home cylinder

  • Keys can be a thing of the past thanks to the electronic door cylinder
  • Suitable for use with the free secuENTRY KeyApp without any additional components
  • Up to six different users
  • Easy installation, no measuring required. Suitable for all door thicknesses up to 118 mm (59/59).
  • Modern Bluetooth standard 5.2 LE with secure AES encryption
  • Low battery warning
  • Incl. batteries, installation accessories, operating and installation instructions


secuENTRY pincode keypad

  • Opening the secuENTRY Home cylinder with a six-digit security code
  • One admin code and one user code programmable with secuENTRY KeyApp
  • Illuminated keypad with practical push buttons
  • Protection class IP 53
  • Modern Bluetooth standard 5.2 LE with secure AES encryption
  • Range between keypad and cylinder: max. 4 metres

secuENTRY Home Set

  • Set mit secuENTRY Home Zylinder und passender Pincode-Tastatur
  • SecueENTRY KeyApp

secuENTRY radio key

  • Practical active transponder for opening at the touch of a button
  • Modern Bluetooth standard 5.2 LE with secure AES encryption
  • Range: approx. 4 metres


2 years international.