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Product Features

  • Data Safes for computer Media are specially designed with second layer of Fire protection to safeguard diskettes, Data cartridges, 8mm data tapes, optical disks, microfiche and all other forms of electronic data from such hazards as moisture, humidity and magnetic fields.
  • Our Data Safes have successfully undergone the Fire-Resistance Test and tumble Test.After firing time of 60 and respectively 120 minutes, and at a temperature of 1090˚C the safe, in this extremely hot condition, undergoes a tumble test from a height of 9.15 m and keep the temperature in the interior space of the safe below 30˚C and helps to protect the data from fire, smoke and fire water.
  • High security Key Lock and Digital Lock (anti-drilling, anti-prying and anti-burning) with a simple touch 8-bit micro processor chip of 4 to16 digits code. A time delay lock-out is activated if the wrong number is entered more than 3 times.

product description

External Dimensions:
(H) 750 x (W) 530 x (D) 510 mm
Internal Dimensions:
(H) 428 x (W) 241 x (D) 218 mm
Weight: 161 kg, Capacity: 22.5 L
Accessories (inside body): 2 Shelf
Open/close: 4~16 digital code.


2 years international.