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Designer Keysafe 001846


Product Features

What does a KeySafe do?
KeySafe is an efficient and secure way to keep spare keys safe in the place you need them most. If you’ve ever locked yourself out or had to hurry across town to let someone into your home or business, KeySafe could have saved you a lot of trouble. The KeySafe range comprises 8 different models which all have one thing in common, they offer you a convenient, secure place to store your keys. There are smaller models suitable for homes or small businesses with just one key, and larger models which can hold larger sets of keys or even other contents (messages, access cards, etc.).


The Designer KeySafe is an excellent solution for storing a single key indoors. It has one hand operation and an easy to use key box with slam shut and lock operation. It’s perfect for areas such as offices, meeting rooms, internal storage areas and locker rooms. The Designer KeySafe offers cheap and simple access control.

product description

External Dimensions:
(H) 194 x (W) 51 x (D) 25 mm
Internal Dimensions:
(H) 83 x (W) 32 x (D) 13 mm
Weight: 0.99 kg
Holds: 1 Key


null years international.