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Product Features

• Designed for storage in bank vaults and hotel storage rooms.

• Deposit Lock Mechanical e-lo-safe M – Class A (5 bank/8 renter levers Lock, 1 keyhole, changeable Deposit lock with dead bolt)

• Frontal panel thickness – 3mm.
• Plastic numbers for labels supplied.
• Numbering scheme is specified by the customers when placing the order.
• Option: boxes with steel cassettes with sealing
• mechanisms can be specified.
• Made to order.
• Avaliable Specification:
DBxx – Painted doors, with double key locks (bank and client) with one key hole KABA MAUER (Germany), the bank lock can be reconfigured.
DBxx S – Doors made from stainless steel (one key hole).
DBxx S.DGL – Doors made from stainless steel with double key locks (2 key holes, bank and client), with a reconfigurable bank lock.
DBxx DGL – Painted doors with double key locks (2 key holes).
• Color: Paint or stainless steel finishing.


product description

External Dimensions:
(H) 920 x (W) 635 x (D) 430 mm
Internal Dimensions:
72/146 – 260 – 390 mm

Weight: 84/132 Kg
Accessories (inside body): Pedestal, Front Frieze, Pullout Table
Open/close: Key Lock (2 Keys)


2 years international.


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