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CS 50 Coin Counter & Sorter


Product Features

The CS 50 model is the ideal machine for small amounts of coins.

All euro coins are counted and sorted quickly and trouble-free, with a speed of up to 250 coins per minute. The Sorted coins fall into individually removable cups.

The machine displays the total value and the detailed result of coins counted per sort.

The batch function enables to enter a counting stop for each sort of coin. This is especially useful for counting coins for coin roles.

product description

Currency: Euro
Ambient temperature: 0~40
Counting Speed:
216~250 coins/min.
Ambient humidity: 30~80%
Hopper capacity: 350~400 units
Each receiving slot capacity: 80~250 units
Identification of coin sorts: Coin diameter
Total value / total amount of coins
Batch present number display: 3 Digits LED
Batch Function
Counting number display: 4 Digits LED
Counting Capacity: 0,2 million coins / year
Power source: AC220V/50HZ
Power consumption: 15 W
Dimensions: 355 x 330 x 266 mm
Weight: 4.5 kg

Color: Black

A long interruption of the sorting process is no longer needed!


2 years international.