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Coin Holder Aluminium MCH-08

Product Features

Euro Coin Holder (8 Slots) Organizer Aluminium Red & Silver

  • COIN SORTER: This small coin organizer is perfect for holding your spare change or coin collection. The sorter is designed to hold pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters with designated spots for each. Store up that spare change and stop rifling around in your car for loose coins. This coin case is about to become your new best friend.
  • AUTOMOTIVE ACCESSORIES: Don’t be a dangerous driver. Add this money organizer for cash to your car’s cupholder to stop swerving around every time you have to find coins. From a tollbooth to a drive-through, this loose change holder will prevent you from becoming a hazard to other drivers. Use it as a cupholder organizer to make sure your change is never far away during a drive.
  • POCKET ORGANIZER: This nifty, thrifty organizer easily fits in your pocket. Use our fun gadget to keep your coins organized so you won’t hold up the line at the grocery store while you look for exact change. Even children can learn to sort, count, and properly store money with a coin holder. It’s the perfect place to store that extra tooth fairy money!
  • COLLECTOR COIN CASE: This coin organizer is any coin collector’s dream. Storing your favorite collector coins in this hard case will give you peace of mind and keep all of your prized collectibles in one convenient place. Maybe you received some vintage coins for Christmas, or you want to collect a quarter from every state. Our coin storage container makes it easy to keep up with your coins.
  • GREAT GIFTS: Everyone could stand to be a little more organized. This money storage case makes it easier for anyone to take a step in the right direction. Whether your loved one is a child learning to count money or someone looking for a collector coin case, this money separator makes storing coins fun! Give the gift of organization for any occasion.