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Product Features

CISA Electronic Safes DGT Vision

The CISA DGT Vision electronic safe is the ideal solution for keeping your most precious belongings safe: maximum security is combined with simple usage.

Protects against the most common forms of lock forcing using electromechanical tools.
– 10 mm thick steel door
– 22 mm diameter steel deadbolts.
– Door seals assembled with laser welding.
– Drill-proof opening mechanism protective plate.

Very high number of combinations for total security against undesired openings.
– More than 1000 billion possible combinations.

User code can be entered even in poor light.
– 12-figure digital electronic combination lock and backlit keypad.
– Sound and light signals to verify correct operation.

Safe can always be opened, even if the code is forgotten.
– Thanks to the master code, an emergency code can be stored in case the user code is forgotten.

No more dead batteries with the safe locked.
– LED signal for dead batteries.



Electroluminescent keypad

Steel door 10/12 mm thick depending on size

Seals assembled with high resistance welding

22 mm diameter nickel-plated steel rotating deadbolts

Special high-resistance, anti-corrosion kiln painting

Lock protective plate in carbonitrided steel

Lock and mechanisms fixed directly to the door of the safe

Opening commands do not protrude when in the rest position



  • Cable for external power supply
  • Shelves (if fitted)
  • Instruction sheet
  • Installation instructions

product description


CISA SAFES External Dimensions Internal Dimensions
MODEL L x H x P mm L x H x P mm Weight (Kg)
DGT-34 360 x 240 x 300 350 x 230 x 245 26
DGT-43 420 x 300 x 350 410 x 290 x 295 39
DGT-53 490 x 360 x 350 480 x 350 x 295 50
DGT-74 360 x 490 x 400 350 x 480 x 345 54
DGT-85 420 x 550 x 450 410 x 540 x 395 70
DGT-95 490 x 620 x 450 480 x 610 x 395 85

Weight: 25 – 85 Kg
Accessories (inside body): 1 – 2 Shelves
Open/close: 4~12 Digital Code or emergency battery unit.


2 years international.