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Product Features

Point-Safes for the light value-protection at home

The furniture safes of the series PointSafe are especially convenient for the assembly in cabinets, desks or shelves – The compact safe for home use.

Solid construction for basic security

The solid, one-walled body and the low weight qualify the PointSafe for a convenient use at home. Safely store away cash money, jewellery or in the bigger variants, documents and files. Sizes P 2, P 3 and P 4 are provided with an adjustable shelf. Versions P 3 and P 4 additionally offer enough space for documents and files.The double-walled door aggravates an attempt of breaking-open. With the two drillings on the back wall and on the bottom, you can assemble the safe sturdy with the wall and/or the floor, in your cabinet or desk. The light and compact design of the PointSafe visually adapts to nearly every of your chosen pieces of furniture.

Classic double-bit lock

This PointSafe locking version is classic and traditional. To prevent burglary, store away the key to this double-bit lock safely or keep it with you at all times. The PointSafe is standardly equipped with two keys. In case of loss, you can subsequently purchase an additional replacement keys for your safe.

Electronic combination lock

With the electronic combination lock, you can program your personal user and general code and always have the chance to change your pin code. The handling of the electronic lock is due to the motor operated locking with automatic opening of the door more than convenient and easy. In a case of emergency, the PointSafe has an additional lock for opening. The lock is battery-driven and therefore does not need an external power source. For you to put your PointSafe into operation right away, we standardly provide it with four batteries.

  • solid single-walled body
  • door double-walled
  • prepared for wall and floor mounting, 2 back wall and 2 floor drill holes
  • fixing material included
  • can be installed in cupboards, desks, etc.
  • 1 removable shelf
  • For Files of common size

Electronic combination locks

  • resettable combination
  • smooth motor powered locking mechanism automatically opens the door
  • admin code and user code
  • battery operated. Includes 4x LR 06 AA batteries
  • additional mechanical lock for emergency opening
  • the locking armature protrudes 15 mm


product description

External Dimensions:
(H) 255 × (W) 350 × (D) 300 mm
Internal Dimensions:
(H) 248 × (W) 343 × (D) 241 mm
Weight: 14 Kg

Capacity: 20.5 L
Shelf: 1 Pc
Door: 7 mm – Body: 2 mm
Open/close: Electronic Lock (2 codes) + Emergency Keys


2 years international.