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Product Features

BRIXIA, a collection of EN 1143-1 certified safes: the surprising result of Italian talent.

An object that combines elegance and safety, intended for the protection of the most precious things.

The sobriety of the shapes, linear and decisive, combined with the refinement of the finishes and the control elements make BRIXIA UNO a safe with a fascinating simplicity.

With BRIXIA UNO Bordogna Casseforti continues its path of growth and research, combined with the desire to always offer something more …

  • The BRIXIA UNO collection is certified by ECB • S according to EN 1143-1 in Class I: a guarantee of safety according to the highest European standards
  • BRIXIA UNO is controlled by an electronic lock BMZ66SC-C1T certified EN 1300 in class B with Time Delay function
  • Door opening by means of an aluminum handle with fully retractable “Push-Pull” technology
  • Available in the top of the range “CHARM” version, internally covered in eco-leather or velvet.
  • Predisposition for anchoring to the floor and to the wall (fixing material included)
  • Safe Certification:
  • Lock certification:


  • Storage drawers and Jewelry boxes lined in velvet
  • Watch Winders (rotors for automatic watches)
  • Bring guns
  • Storage compartments
  • Additional shelf

product description

External Dimensions:
(H) 460 x (W) 490 x (D) 430 mm
Internal Dimensions:
(H) 378 x (W) 410 x (D) 294 mm
Weight: 110 Kg

Capacity: 46 L
Accessories (inside body)1 Shelf
Door: 100 mm   –   Body: 70 mm
Open/close: Electronic Time Delay Lock


2 years international.